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20 Nov Australian Mobile Casinos in 2014

Australia is a country known for the passion of its citizens for gambling. It is an activity that can help you relax after a stressful day at work. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity to win extra money. Online casinos are a reality nowadays, but is mobile betting a feasible option? Here you can find the Aussies’ gambling reality in 2014.


australian-mobile-1The Australian Gambler
Australia is a country where more than 80% of adults wager. In this context, it would be expected to rely on permissive and well structured laws. The reality, on the other hand, is quite different. Though people are not restricted to gamble, online casinos cannot promote their games to the Aussies.
Gambling in a brick and mortar casino comes with a series of benefits, but nowadays reality is focused on virtual pages. The legislative context makes it hard for Aussies to find a local provider. However, this does not make on the net gambling impossible. In order to find a webpage that is good for you it is a good idea to browse the option available. It is important to understand that there are many such sites that even include the possibility to bet with Australian dollars.
The online activity became so popular in the last years that most gamblers prefer to log in from the comfort of home rather than visit a land-based casino. The main reason is represented by the gaming platform. It is extremely interactive and provides a series of benefits:
• better payouts
• a great variety of games: casino games, pokies, sport betting and lottery
• frequent promotions and bonuses
• 24/7 customer support
• safe transactions


From PC to Smart Phone
Smart Phones became an indispensable tool in the lives of many Aussies. As a result, there is an impressive number of casinos that offer this type of facility. It is good to know that there are two possibilities when it comes to playing from your phone:
• to download the popular games
• to play on the platform in order to keep the memory of the phone clear


Playing on the mobile phone is safe in 2014. All providers are controlled by the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This watchdog has the role to make sure that the services offered to the clients are fair and legal. However, it depends on each Australian player to identify such sites in order to protect his/her financial data.
Just keep in mind that you need to gamble responsibly and you will enjoy great winnings and relaxing time!
If you’d like to find out more information about Australian mobile pokies, check out www.onlinepokiesreview.com/

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17 Nov Learn How To Find The Best Casino Games

Selecting a gambling site can be daunting, especially when people do it with little thought ahead. Because of this it is essential to treat this matter seriously to protect yourself from upsetting and expensive surprises that might come up along the way. Reviews can assist you to find the best offers and the most enjoyable games. It may take time for you to examine them, but they’re the most effective guide in the hunt for the right provider.

gambling-1In order to connect to the most in-demand games you really need to become a member of a respected casino. You can test its credibleness by seeking reviews. The views of other customers state both the benefits and disadvantages linked to a certain internet site. In other words you will be aware right from the start what to expect from it.

Professional casinos integrate the coolest games of the moment. It is a fact that there are many options at your disposal. Even so this does not mean that you must decide on the first one you notice.

Finding a really good casino is not a worry if you take into consideration these factors:


  • Many games to select from, regular benefits
  • Particular care for dedicated players
  • Protected gambling and funds transfer
  • Non-stop aid from properly trained personnel


It is also good to know that there are people who own blogs where they discuss tgambling 2heir exposure to the games they have tested. The information published is very vast, and it targets the world of the games. The text is accessible and it encompasses recommendations, steps and strategies.

There are a good number of websites that deal with the gambling domain in a detailed approach. Once you read the articles you will know undoubtedly which alternative is best for you. You can even give the games proposed a try and see if you like them.


If you happen to face the situation of experiencing contradictory opinions, and most likely you are going to, avoid making false suppositions. It is necessary to understand that each person has a different way of perceiving a situation.


Once you have identified the top five games you’re ready to take them separately and evaluate them. It is extremely important to choose the one that matches your needs so you can enjoy a successful experience.


A good start will surely have a constructive impact on your wallet. If you choose cleverly you can even play for free. However, you must pay a very careful attention at the offers you say yes to in order to avoid data theft.


A prosperous gambler is an informed one. You can win big if you know which are the most cost-effective games. This means that you have to protect your funds from the very beginning.

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28 Oct European Gambling Laws and their Particularities

Gambling is a great pastime activity for a high percentage of the world population. Regardless the country where you live you have at least heard, played or tried a game o luck once in your life. It is useless to mention that the winnings can be breathtaking for those who wager. Furthermore, you do not need to be a professional in order to hit the jackpot.

pic-1The rules are easy to follow, thus literally everybody who is at least 18 years old can give it a try. Though everything seems incredibly simple, it is important to understand that this is a regulated industry. This means that you must be aware of the laws that govern it in order to know what you are allowed to do, but also how to protect yourself from scammers.


EGBA comes from the European Gaming and Betting Association, founded in 2007 and located in Brussels. This is an institution that is focused on assuring:

  • a fair environment for gamblers
  • a competitive wagering market
  • a regulated environment for operators who plan to provide their services on the European continent

Wagering in France

The French government approves various types of gambling on their territory. In order to assure the protection of the citizens, three main bodies were created to regulate this environment:

  • The Pari Mutuel Urbain – for the horse racing industry
  • The Francaise de Jeux – for lotteries and wagering games in general
  • The ARJE – for online casinos

The first attempt to legalize gambling in France was made in 2009 through a legislative bill. However, the big step was taken in 2010. Since then, French citizens can enjoy legal:

  • sport events
  • horse racing
  • poker

Wagering in Germany

pic-3Germany is a country known for doing the things in a correct and right manner. Gambling is definitely not an exception, and the laws that govern it have suffered minor changes over the years. An important date in the history of German wagering is 2008, when the government banned online betting. There was only one form accepted, horse betting.

However, EBGA claimed that this law needed to be changed. In 2012, the Interstate Treat on Gambling granted access to private companies to ensure their services. Nowadays, Germany is an important presence on the European gambling market.


Wagering in Spain

Spanish gamblers can enjoy free and legal gambling games from providers licensed in the country. They can try their luck at one or all of the following:

  • betting sites
  • poker sites
  • different forms of gambling

Operators who want to offer their services to people who live in Spain need to apply for a license. The entity that approves them is the Spanish National Gaming Commission. This means that there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled.


pic-2Wagering in Italy

Italy is maybe the most liberal European country when it comes to gambling. In 2006, the government introduced a law that allowed operators to provide sport betting services in both brick and mortar locations and online.

Another important date in the history of gambling is 2011. This is when the licensed sites were allowed to offer poker and casino games for the passionate players.

It is mandatory to understand that gambling safely is a matter of choice. It is a must to learn the rules that define betting in your country in order to enjoy all the benefits included and to protect your earnings.

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21 Oct The Negative Effects of Uncertain Gambling Laws in Canada

It’s obvious that online gambling is an industry that drew the attention of the governments from all around the world. While there are countries that treat this pastime activity seriously by assuring a secure environment for their citizens, the situation did not change that much in the last few years in Canada. The uncertainty whether it is legal or not to bet online remains an issue. For this reason, this subject needs closer attention in order to be able to decide what is best for the future of Canadian wagering.





The Possible Change

Though the Canadian government made some modest steps towards regulating online betting, there are no clear laws that state whether it is permitted or not to enjoy poker, slots or roulette in the virtual environment. The Bill C-290 could be a solution to this issue, but first it needs to be treated seriously and not sidelined. The changes proposed are the following:


  • to oblige online casinos to keep records of their actions
  • to include an identification verification system
  • to introduce suspicion transaction reporting


This regulatory system is similar to the case of brick and mortar casinos. It will keep the citizens safe from fraudulent providers and ensure a controlled environment. It will be interesting to follow if and how these changes are going to be applied. Until then, the Canadian gambling world remains in chaos and misconceptions for gamblers who want to play but are afraid of the possible consequences.


Gambling vs. Business

The uncertain laws do not affect only the gamblers, but also the business sector. Though it is stated that it is illegal to operate an online casino in Canada, there are gambling servers located near Montreal. Such virtual platforms represent a great opportunity for citizens to bet with Canadian dollars and avoid losing money by performing different transactions.

The blurry legal situation made gambling providers lose their patience. Such is the case of the well known Titan Casino. Its affiliates found themselves forced to leave the Canadian market behind and opt for better prospects. Though they announced that they would stop providing betting services starting from December 2013, the promise of a more secure wagering future made them change their mind. However, in this uncertain environment, there can be other such cases with negative impact for the gamblers.

A similar situation is the case of the widely used payment method, Skrill. Its owners announced that the sketchy laws did not represent a good environment for them to continue providing gambling transactions. As a result, they opted for a more secure market like the New Jersey online casinos, that are clearly regulated. It would be a good idea for the government to follow their example and ensure a safer business option for those who are interested:


  • operating license
  • regulated payment process


Until all these issues are clarified, it’s good to know that there are no laws that prohibit Canadian citizens to gamble. However, it depends exclusively on each person to choose a trustworthy provider in order to keep his/her funds safe.




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06 Sep Australian Gambling Particularities

Gambling games are pretty much the same around the globe. They are a mixture of luck and strategies that assure impressive winnings. From my point of view, one thing is certain: it is necessary to understand this world of chance in order to be successful. Picking a game randomly can turn out to be really disastrous for our pocket. So whether we choose a brick and mortar casino or an online site, it is a must to be aware of the Australian gambling particularities.





The Australian gambler
As an Australian gambler, I need to state the importance of using the Australian Dollar in both brick and mortar and online casinos. I am not a huge fan of currencies, and I am sure that many other gambling fans share my opinion. This means that our attention must be focused mainly on Australian casinos. The benefits are great, especially as there is a clear understanding regarding the funds.


Another great benefit of choosing an Australian casino is the security of our data and money. Furthermore, all gambling enthusiasts must be aware of the fact that reliable providers are strictly and directly regulated by governmental rules. This simplifies a bit the things, as there is no need to read and learn the policies regarding the games of luck of other countries.


Appealing bonuses
As it can be seen, the best thing we can do is to choose an Australian casino. This is also valid in the virtual environment, so we need to take our time and see which one is more suitable. An important particularity of legitimate gambling sites is represented by the convenient bonuses. They are very appealing and basically help the player achieve greater winnings.




A great bonus offered by Australian online casinos is in online pokies. Furthermore, there is a strong connection between this game of luck and Blackjack. Pokies players can also increase the earnings with a quick spin of the reel. It is important to know that the bonus opportunities are directly linked to the type and size of the virtual casino. It’s all about finding the best casino review sites to assist you in finding the sigh up bonus that suits you.

It is a must to analyze this opportunity before creating an account. This means that the decision must not be based only on a first impression with a virtual casino. I mainly try to discover it step by step and look for loyalty programs and bonuses. My purpose is to have fun but also win big, so all games I play should have this possibility.


Free trials
All reliable Australian online casinos offer the opportunity of pre-testing their games for free. It is highly recommended to spin the roulette wheel or play an online pokies demo to see the results before making a deposit. Besides the fun of playing with no worries, this is also a great way to find out which games we like most and which can be convenient for our pocket.




Payment methods
In order to be able to transfer money from and into the personal bank account it is mandatory to complete the payment method section. Fortunately, Australian online casinos offer a wide range of alternatives that include: Skrill, POLi, Netteller and transfers directly from the bank. I have tried some of them, and they are completely safe. Independent casino payment processor reviews are also good to check out as well before making a choice.
Overall, Australian online casinos are fun and safe. It depends on each of us to choose the one that suits our needs best.