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15 Aug Top 8 Casino Poker Tips in 2014

Poker is a game of luck, extremely popular in casinos around the world. Furthermore, it is very interactive as it implies a constant surveillance not only of your cards, but also of other players. Achieving the winning hand is the desired goal, and sometimes it requires a lot of energy and self-restrain. This article aims to reveal the best poker tips any enthusiast needs to follow in order to enjoy a successful experience in 2014.


Tip 1: Choose a table that fits your skills and pocket
When you play poker for money, it is highly advisable to be realistic when it comes to your skills. To be more precise, you should not take additional risks like playing against advanced players if you are only at a medium level. Furthermore, the betting sum must not overcome your budget. The best way you can realize if you are taking the right decision when it comes to the funds is to think about how losing would affect your life.



Tip 2: If you are experiencing powerful emotions, it is better not to play
Powerful emotions, whether they are good or bad, will only make you be more predictable. It will be harder to act impartially, and you are prone to take poor decisions. In such situations, it is better to avoid playing.



Tip 3: Do not play if you had too many drinks

Poker is definitely a game that needs to be played completely sober. Alcohol will only make you feel more confident in a hand that is more likely a losing one, thus there are higher chances to fail rather than win.




Tip 4: Never assume that online poker is similar to the casino one
The only similarity between online and casino poker refers to the rules. The atmosphere, decisions and course of the game are completely different. When you play alone in your room you can act however you want if you have a winning or a losing hand. In real life situations, such behavior will give valuable clues to the other players.



Tip 5: Get accustomed to fold more frequently
Poker is all about taking smart and fast decisions according to the cards you have in your hand. This means that a poor hand should not be taken accordingly, and you should do something to fix the issue. Furthermore, if you feel that there is not much to do to become a winner, try to minimize the losses as much as possible.



Tip 6: Analyze the moves of other players
Besides the body language that can give you a hint about how promising or bad the player’s hand is, it is also advisable to analyze the way he/she plays it. It is true that such behavior requires extra energy, but it is beneficial on long term as it can help you evolve as a poker player to a more advanced level. Furthermore, it is said that it is more convenient to learn from other peoples’ mistakes rather than from your own.



Tip 7: Bluff only when the situation requires
There are many people who bluff only because others do it. However, this is definitely not a recommended behavior. This is an action that needs to be done wisely in order to be effective. Furthermore, it can have a negative impact on your reputation as all players will see you as a competitor who solely relies on bluffing.



Tip 8: Never play to impress
Poker is a game that needs to be played for the pleasure of developing strategies. By no means should you risk your money and reputation simply because you want to impress someone. Play responsibly and have fun for a genuine poker experience.


You can follow more interesting poker tips coming from a professional player in the video below:

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06 Jul How Canadian Gamblers Can Choose the Best Online Casino Site

Playing slots online is fun and convenient. You do not need to leave the house nor spend extra money on gasoline in order to reach the closest casino. The main problem that most Canadians face is discovering which site offers the best options. In order to take the safest decision, make sure you check the following six aspects:



  1. Certification

The first thing all Canadians must check when searching for an online gambling site is the certification. It is important to know that all reliable providers are based on a random number generator. Its purpose is to assure the correctitude of each game.


  1. Bonuses

Reputable sites know how to attract their customers. Besides the traditional sign up bonus, make sure that the online casino also offers one or all of the following: tournament listing bonuses, VIP bonuses, and fidelity bonuses. These great facilities mostly consist in a virtual sum of money that grants access to free games.


  1. Banking

It is important to understand that it only depends on you to keep your money safe. Playing online implies sending and receiving money from and into a personal bank account. This means that you must check the options available, and see how long it takes to make a deposit or withdraw your earnings. Remember to check if the site you have chosen matches the methods specific to Canadian policies.


  1. Software

Some games can be played online while others require a download. Many people do not feel confident about installing any kind of unknown software on their computer. This should not be an impediment as all reputable sites provide quality services with no viruses to harm the functionality of your device.


  1. Customer support

Another aspect that all players must check is the customer support availability. Unfortunately, problems may occur and it is important to be able to rely on trained personnel to fix it. The best choice is the 24 hours a day seven days a week support. It is a good decision to check if the phone number, email address and chat option displayed actually work.


  1. Reviews

It is well known that the reviews state the quality of a site. Canadians must be aware of the fact that there are professional sites that are focused on reviewing the features and benefits provided by online casinos. Another thing that must be taken into consideration is the opinion of ordinary people who share the same passions as you. It is the best way to see if a site does what it claims, or if it based solely on fake promises. This also means that you should avoid at all costs creating an account on websites with bad reputation and only focus on the ones with good reviews like www.thecanadiangambler.com. There is no doubt that this aspect plays a major role in the evolution and quality of the customers who choose a certain gambling site.

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02 Jul How Progressive Slots Jackpots Work

Many people have heard about progressive slots. They are known to be the most profitable machines and are highly appreciated in every casino. They basically represent a group of slot machines linked through a network. The purpose of each player is to hit the big jackpot. Though the normal wins are lower than in the case of regular slot machines, there are many enthusiasts hoping to go home with the big prize.



The Beginnings

The first progressive slot machines were created by International Game Technology in 1986. They were hooked through phone lines. The difference between them and the traditional slots is the jackpot. While the second ones offered a fix jackpot, progressive slots allowed it to increase proportionally to the number of people who played the machines. This means that the players directly influence the grand prize. The first great winning was reported in 1987, a huge $4,988,842.17 jackpot.


In the case of progressive slots, the jackpot is influenced by the number of users. To be more precise, 10% of each dollar played is added to the jackpot. The only way to be eligible for the grand prize is to bet the maximum number of coins. Each player knows that the actual chances to win are incredibly small, but the excitement is fascinating. In order to help you picture how unfavorable are the odds of winning the big jackpot, a slot expert calculated them to 49,836,032 to one. On the other hand, the size of the prize is directly proportional.


Online Progressive Slots

Besides brick and mortar casinos, progressive slots can be also played online. The virtual slot machines are all linked across Microgaming online casinos. This means that each player adds more money to the jackpot. Furthermore, each slot machine includes a Jackpot Meter that allows you to see the grand prize getting bigger and bigger right before your eyes. And the better part is yet to come. There is no limit regarding how consistent it can get.


Win Big

If you really want to win big, you must choose the progressive jackpot with the highest payout. It is also important to know that the best way to increase your chances to become the lucky winner is to analyze when the jackpot gets higher than its previous highest payout. The last piece of advice is to avoid playing just after the grand prize has been won.


Remember that in case of progressive slots, patience is a virtue and perseverance will help you in your gaming.

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27 Jun Top 4 Facts that Make Gambling Games so Appealing

Many people wonder what makes gambling games so appealing. Could it be the thrill of betting or the feeling of power when winning? Perhaps it is both, to further delve into this, we should consider the following factors.


The Call of Ancestors

Gambling games are as appreciated now as they were thousands of years ago. The need to risk in order to achieve something is known to exist since the beginnings of time. This is an important factor that makes us enjoy so much the games of luck. Furthermore, there are people who love living dangerous and through this, they manage to obtain spectacular winnings.



Trusting the Odds

gambling-pic-2Another factor that makes us feel attracted to gambling games refers to the odds. Think about how many times you have begun a certain activity just because you felt lucky. There are higher chances to play roulette, blackjack, poker or any other game of luck when we have the certainty that we can win. This is a sensation commonly installed when good things happen in our life.

Many people generally enjoy greater winnings if they play when they are calm and happy. It is more delightful to trust the odds when you feel that nothing bad can happen, and that you are invincible.


The Big Jackpot

gambling-pic-3Some people believe that hitting the Jackpot is the most important factor that makes us play the games of luck and chance. The sum is in most cases breathtaking, and it is hard not to imagine what we would do with the money if we were to win them. We can all picture ourselves living the high life and having fun with a lot of money. Moreover we can refer to that old saying “can’t win it if you’re not in it”.


The Joy of Spending Free Time

Besides the need to win big and try our luck, gambling games represent a pleasant way of spending free time. They are so welcomed in a world where everything happens in a rush, and it seems that we can barely have time for anything. It is nice to take a break from everything, lay in front of the computer and focus only on the game.


These are the four factors that are the most appealing when it comes to our passion for gambling games. Just remember to play responsibly in order to get the best of them!


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19 Jun The Future of Sports Betting

There is a strong connection between sports and bets. It is well known than Roman emperors were eager to try their luck during the games they organized. From cock fights to online casinos, the evolution of this guilty pleasure is outstanding. Though the history of legally organized sports betting is rather short, there are many enthusiasts who win big by developing all sorts of strategies. With the introduction of Sportsbooks in the virtual environment, it is hard to imagine what other surprises the future of this highly appreciated gambling game can bring.



A New Generation of Sports Bettors
The evolution of sports betting brought something more than exciting circumstances and accessibility. Having the opportunity to play them in the comfort of our home represented a great chance to actually take time and reflect over strategies and means to increase the earnings. While in their early beginnings it was only a matter of luck for a certain bet to be the winning one, nowadays situations changed completely. It can be easily said that a new generation of sports bettors is born.

The new enthusiasts are better prepared and more sophisticated. Online Sportsbooks became so popular that it is hard to find a free room to join. The audience also evolved. People working in finance, accounting and even lawyers found the virtual environment the best opportunity to escape from daily worries and why not, enjoy an extra income.

This new generation of sports bettors brings a different approach to this gambling game. Moreover, they will gradually change the way it is perceived. The everyday experience is transposed at a certain extent in the strategies developed. This means that the odds will incline in the favor of thoroughly calculated situations rather than luck. It is also clear that the online web sites will gain even more popularity, as the calm and comfort of home are far more appreciated than the agitation specific to casinos.

It will be interesting to follow how online sports betting sites will keep up with this new approach. One thing is certain; these new bettors are picky, so we can only expect the best.